learning tools


The Learning Tools project was initiated by the Department of Arts Instructional Support and Information Technology (Arts ISIT) at the University of British Columbia. Arts ISIT strives to create new and improved technology-based learning opportunities for students and educators alike, by experimenting with new media and creating innovative online-based applications to facilitate teaching and learning.

Additionally, the staff at Arts ISIT, are members of international open source communities, participating in the development of Pachyderm and, currently, piloting a SAKAI project. All Learning Tools created by Arts ISIT have an open source license.

Learning Tools truly have a global impact. With users from around the world, innumerable educators are taking advantage of the opportunities provided by Learning Tools to enhance their teaching, while also bestowing an "out-of-the-box" learning approach to their students.

About the Funding

Funding for the Learning Tools Project has come from a variety of sources. BC Campus, which has a mandate to provide British Columbians with web-based learning programs and services, has supported this project for three consecutive years through its OPDF program.

The Learning Tools project is also supported internally through the UBC Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (TLEF), and the Arts Instructional Technology Fund (IT Fund). The TLEF's mandate is to support new initiatives and projects that develop educational resources within the university, thereby enriching students' learning experiences. The Arts IT Fund, supported by UBC's Dean of Arts, was created to support educational technology development specifically within the Faculty of Arts (http://www.arts.ubc.ca). The Learning Tools Project meets the expectations of both these funding mandates by providing open-source tools for educators and students not only in the Faculty of Arts at UBC, but around the world as well.